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The Schwien Mercury Manometer Training Seminar


The five-day lecture and laboratory seminar will be an in-depth seminar pertaining to the Schwien mercury manometer covering theory of operation, calibration, maintenance and repairs.

Who should attend?

This training is designed for pressure metrologists, laboratory technicians, engineers, and those individuals, requiring an in-depth, comprehensive, hands-on, seminar on the operation, maintenance and repair of a Schwien mercury manometer. 

About the seminar

Emphasis will be placed on developing knowledge and skills pertaining to the operation, maintenance and repair of the Schwien mercury manometer and its sub-assemblies. The seminar will be comprehensive and a hands-on seminar. Attendees will learn how to: drain and fill a Schwien mercury manometer, zero the manometer, monitor the capacitance gauging system, adjust the positioning system, calibrate the reference vacuum system, calibrate the lead screw with laser, calibrate the compensation system and the rough sensor, service and adjust the pressure controller, detect manometer leaks, develop maintenance practices that will lead to high-precision calibrations over time. 

Objectives of the seminar

Attendees will:

      Gain knowledge and skills necessary to:

     Drain and fill the Schwien mercury manometer.

     Zero the manometerís height indicator and correction counter.

     Monitor the mercury status using the Capacitance Gauging system.

     Calibration areas will include the reference vacuum system, the lead screw with a laser, the compensation system and the rough sensor.

     Service and adjust the pressure controller and adjust the positioning system.

       Develop the ability to troubleshoot the Schwien mercury manometerís sub-assemblies.

       Develop the knowledge and skills, necessary, to maintain the high precision of a Schwien mercury manometer. 


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Manometer Training Seminar - October 20th - 24th, 2008                 Map and General Information


About the instructor

Oai Nguy is the Senior Engineer at Schwien Engineering, Inc. He has been with Schwien Engineering since 1991. He is responsible for the electronic systems manufacturing and servicing of all Schwien manometers. He has been conducting Schwien manometer training sessions at individual customer sites throughout the world and annually at Schwien Engineering since 1994. He graduated with a BSEE from the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois in 1983.